Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

5 Leadership Keys in Children’s Ministry (Raw Notes)


CMConference Breakout by Andy Kirk


You are Going to be Replaced

Sometimes you may think that you’ve “arrived” when everything seems to be going well.

We may begin to know everything.

That is when God humbles us, that’s when we hear God say, “when are you going to stop doing it in your own strength” – not “well done good and faithful servant”.

That may be when God has us move on and we are replaced.

When you wrap yourself up in what you do it can be dangerous. Your worth is found in God.


You Need a Team

Your team will not have the same passion as you. It can frustrating when they do not meet your high expectations. If you’re not careful, it will escalate and you will begin to do it all yourself.

Parable of sower : people will sow different amounts. Accept what they sow, it can still reap a harvest.

When you accept what they have to offer, you begin to appreciate them more. Others will see it and desire to be a part. Outsource as much as you can!

You couldn’t do your ministry without those who give 30%. Appreciate them.


Define Success in Your Ministry

You need to know what your goal is if you are going to achieve it. If you do not have a plan, you’ll never have success because you cannot define it.

Success in swimming is when we teach them how to swim and they do it on their own. We generally do not just throw them in the water expecting them to know how to swim, or just by watching others.

Yet for worship, we often just throw them into an environment and expect them to know, or learn by watching others. We need to teach for success.

People worship and function in the Body of Christ in different ways. Find how those in your ministry fit into the Body, how they experience God.

Success is what you want it to be, but also what you are called to be.

Play to Your Strengths

We have different gifts, use your gifts, allow others to use theirs. Together we can do great things for God.


Love the Kids

Don’t be so busy that you forget why you’re doing it. Don’t be too busy setting up, etc, that you don’t have time for the children.

Learn their love language and show them love how they receive it.




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