Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

A Bi-Polar Week – Part 2

This weekend most people will remember Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into town and celebrated, welcomed and worshiped. Within one week, that worship turned to hatred as they were shouting crucify Him.

In the first part (Part 1) of looking at this phenomena, I looked at how we viewed some children in our ministry. In this post, I want to look at it on a personal level.

We attend worship services on Sunday morning, recognizing God, giving Him glory and we put on our “Sunday best”.

But then what happens through the week? Do you still recognize God and live your life for Him, or does He get pushed aside as “life” and our schedules take precedence. While we are not yelling “crucify Him”, we may have gone from worship Him to ignoring Him.

So keep in the Word, and in prayer. Have a daily relationship with Jesus and you will have a greater chance of keeping Jesus exalted all week and not worshiping Him on Sunday and ignoring Him by Thursday.

This week, focus on Jesus, don’t welcome Him Sunday and by Thursday not have time for Him.

Let this week be devoted to Jesus.

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