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A New Kind of Puppet

Last week, I purchased something that I thought would enhance our children’s ministry. It is a “digital puppet” that can interact with the children, the host, or whoever. They are called Power Puppets (Click image to go to their web site).I just received the characters this week and I’ve previewed them and I am truly glad I got them. While I still need some things to use them to their full potential, they will make their “debut” this weekend at we open the renovated children’s area of our facility Sunday.

If you have the funds, and the personnel, then I think this would be a great resource for your ministry.

(Disclaimer: I was not requested to post this, nor did I receive any compensation for sharing it. It is simply a resource I found and thought I would pass along.)


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  1. Awana actually looked at doing a Cubbie/Sparky version of this. Do you think it would work? We thought it was a little ahead of its time, but I’d like your thoughts…

    1. I had heard that Awana was looking into it and my initial thought was the price point. My concern was that many clubs might not be able to afford it, and if Awana did produce one, then clubs would look for scripts, etc. to be provided.

      We have a “woods” themed room, and a TV “sitting in a tree”, so we will use the owl in the tree. I am looking to see if some Cubbie scripts could be modified to use the digital puppet to interact with the kids and leader with the lesson.

      We’re a few weeks away from that as I get people trained to use the puppet and get the controller, etc.

      I think it could be an asset, but as I noted, the price point would need to one most clubs could budget, and some would never use it as they catch up on technology.

      As we work to use it in Cubbies (and elsewhere), I’ll be sure share the results.

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