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A Word of Encouragement

This past weekend was I was unexpectedly blessed. No, it wasn’t a physical, or monetary gift. It was a spiritual blessing.

Saturday one of the boys in our ministry was baptized, professing his faith in what Jesus did for him. That in itself should be enough of a blessing on its on, but there was more. See, their family is preparing to leave to be missionaries in Asia. As I shared about our children and youth ministries at our annual business meeting (before the baptism), I shared how important families were and my desire to partner with them in ministry. That it wasn’t just their parents going to be missionaries, but this boy and his brother were as well.

After the baptism, as I was saying goodbye to the family, the father reminded me that I had a hand in this boy coming to know Jesus. This was fruit from my ministry. Eventhough I wasn’t the one talking to him when he made that profession, he was there in all of the various children’s ministries, yes, I did have a part in him coming to know Jesus.

I’m not one to talk about how many children come to know Jesus at VBS, or camp, in Awana, etc. because I believe that God uses several things (and people) to prepare someone to come to know Him. I guess that sometimes I forget that I am a part of that equation and this past Saturday, I was reminded that I am.

So as you see children in your ministries come to know Jesus, remember, that even if you did not “close the deal”, God used you as a part of the path that led the child to Him. Rejoice in that and be encouraged that God is using you.

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  1. You are absolutly right! Thanks for sharing. I love hearing praise reports like this

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