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Add a “bang” to your club!

As the Awana year approaches, you may be looking for special things to do during your club year to gain interest and do something new. Last year, to end our Awana year with a “BANG”, I did something different. I had a good friend come by and close out our final night with a “bang”. Something special to end the year.

PT Kaboom at Hanover Fellowship, May 2013

PT Kaboom at Hanover Fellowship, May 2013

It was so special that the adult Bible study cancelled their meeting and attended this special event. What was it? It was PT Kaboom!

I know, you’re wondering who PT Kaboom is….. well, from his website he is described as “… a scientifical, (yes, I said scientifical!)  goofball, that loves to help kids explore the science. He can come to your church or birthday and explore the fun and magic of science and share just how amazing God created each one of us!”

PT Kaboom captivated young and old as he shared the Gospel in a unique and entertaining way. People were talking about it for weeks afterward. Visit his web site by clicking on the images below and consider booking him for your Awana registration night, open house, family event, large group time, or any number of other events.  If I had a “seal of approval”, he’d be Commander Bill recommended and approved for your ministry. If you contact him, tell him that Commander Bill sent you. I get nothing from it, but it helps PT know where you heard about him.

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