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An Old Dog Learns a New Trick


My wife often laughs at me (in a nice way) whenever we go out to eat. I seldom try anything “new and different”. Depending on the restaurant we go to, she knows what I will order. Conversely, it may take her what seems like forever to decide what to order.

When we go to a snowball stand, I always order a cherry snowball. I know what I like, and I don’t want to take a chance on something I may not like, and I’m okay with that.

We can get that way in ministry as well. We find a niche and we stick with it. Recently I won a gift certificate to Creative Arts which offers illusions and other items to help share the Gospel. Having never used illusions in my teaching, I generally use everyday objects, I took a chance to get the gift certificate. I was honored to be announced as the winner. Having a VBS and a summer camp in back to back weeks, I was eager to see what I could get and use in those lessons. I placed my order and received the items soon thereafter. I even used one of the illusions the next Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised at how it was received.

Since that time, I have used other items that I have gotten and they all have helped emphasize a Biblical application that children and adults can visualize and take with them.

This is not a “plug” for Creative Arts, but I am thankful that they helped to “teach this old dog a new trick” – literally.

Why I probably will not become a “full-blown” illusionist, I have been able to add new tools to share the things of God with children and adults that I had not considered before.

It is never too late to learn a new way to share Jesus. Are you willing to try something new?

(I will still always get the cherry snowball)


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