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Are you a steeple?

I once wondered the purpose of a steeple on a church. After all, structurally it serves no purpose (accept maybe a lightning rod). It is “wasted space” and expense when building. So why have a steeple?

Then one day as I crossed over a river while driving, I looked across the river and saw a small community on its banks and in the midst of the community was a church, with a steeple standing tall and bearing a cross. I thought of the days when the church was the central point of the community, and sadly now it is often thought of only on weekends and in some cases no steeple, no cross, no indication that it is a place of refuge for the weary and a place of healing (spiritually) and a place to find God.

Which leads me to question…. am I a steeple? Are you a steeple? Do our lives stand out so that people see Jesus in us and are drawn to us in times of trouble? Or are we like some churches that have no sign of God on the exterior, no way for people to know God inhabits us.

The steeple on the church reminds people about God, and though they may ignore it, they seek it out in times of trouble.  Take a moment and listen to this song by Al Denson… Take me to the cross… a good reminder of why churches have steeples, and how we should be seeking Him, especially in rough times. It’s time to go home….. to the cross.



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