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Awana Product Review: The Action Bible

action_bibleI was introduced to the Action Bible in 2012 and I will admit that at first I was reluctant. I was concerned that children would view this as God’s complete Word or that they would view God’s Word as a comic and not take it seriously.

I purchased a few at a conference and then showed them to some elementary aged boys to see their response. They LOVED it!

Last Christmas I purchased some so parents could give them to their children to encourage them in what they were doing. Another father came to me asking about it because he was concerned about how the illustrations might be in the comic format. I was able to let him borrow and copy and he purchased one for his 2nd grade son. Later his son told me that he was reading the Action Bible to his friends.

The Action Bible helps children engage with the Bible an what God is showing us. I do encourage the parents to use the Action Bible to garner their interest and share that there is more detail in the Bible to get them reading their Bible as well.

I was pleased to see Awana offering the Action Bible. I highly recommend it. It will help engage children with God’s Word.

Click here to see, and purchase, the Action Bible….

Have you seen the Action Bible? If so, what are your thoughts?


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  1. I first got a glimpse of it through one of the gospels in its format. I read it with my son, 9 at the time. Then it came out on Kindle, and I got it for him as his first book on his Kindle Paperwhite. He loved it, and read it quite a bit, but the ebook format and lack of colors took some away from his first experience.
    This past week, after working for grandma and saving some money, he came home from the Christian book store with a full one under his arm: he saved up enough money doing chores for his grandma, over the course of the last several months, and bought himself an actual book! He reads it all the time.

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