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Awana Simulcast Keynote

Jonathan Falwell gave the keynote on Generation after Generation. He gave us six things we must pass on to the next generation:

1)  Absolute commitment to God’s Word

Youth today see the Bible similar to a text book. Teaching us how to live our lives and not as the Word of God

2) culture of Prayer

Need to always be in an attitude of prayer.

3) life of worship

Everything we do should be an act of worship. Today, people separate God from their daily lives.

4) encourage to connect to community and others

Fellowship with others who follow Christ is vital. Putting our children in situations as missionaries does not work.

5) Heart and passion for service

We need to let people know that they are a vital part of the family of God and that service is key. Many public schools now require community service as a requirement for graduation and it is often not done from a cheerful heart. We must teach them to have a passion and heart for service and it begins by living it ourselves.

6) passion for excellence

If it is for God it oughtta’ be better. We shouldn’t do things for God haphazardly, or half heartedly. We should give God our best.

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