Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Being Bold for Christ


kidpreacher01You may have seen some of the videos on YouTube of young children preaching the Word of God. When people see videos and stories like this, they naturally become skeptical about whether the children are just being exploited and people enjoy the “cuteness” of a young child preaching. Most of these videos of children preaching take place within the church itself. I’m more blessed when I hear of children sharing their faith outside of the church. Sharing their faith in a world that may not be as welcoming to their message.

Recently, a parent posted the following on Facebook (edited to remove names and personal information):

The public school system is flawed but today [my child] and his friend shared with their class about Awana. They wore their shirts and showed their awards and even shared two bible verses with the class; John 3:16 and Rev 22:13.

It wasn’t showmanship. It wasn’t in a “friendly” arena. It was in a public school. They had the boldness of Peter in the book of Acts.

Children told me that they could not speak about Jesus in their school. I told them that they could, in the proper way. Then I see this example.

God is moving in the hearts of children participating in Awana. If you don’t see it, and this may seem harsh, but if you don’t see it, then maybe God isn’t in your ministry. Maybe it has become about completing handbooks, not about knowing the One whom the verses are written. Maybe it has become about the perfect theme night, not about fellowship with the Creator of the universe.

Is your focus on sharing Jesus with the children? Or is the focus on something else?

Do you see God moving in the lives of the children and leaders in your ministry?

I’ll be sharing some of what God has been doing in the lives of people through Awana and other children’s ministries I am humbled to have led.

My goal is not to boast of myself, but to boast that God is still touching lives, and I pray it encourages you as well.


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