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I have been blessed to have teams that have performed well at Bible Quizzing. For years, I had at least one team that placed first in their handbook and people have often asked me how to prepare for quizzing. Some of that depends on your region and what forms they use to quiz. In areas that I have been in, we have done Paddles (multiple choice) and speed quizzing.

Some churches and clubs hold multiple quiz practices to help the clubbers study and prepare. When I hold practices, my focus is on how the quiz is conducted. How questions are asked, how to hold their paddles, etc. I believe that if the child is comfortable with the quiz format, then they will be more relaxed and prepared for the quizzing.

As to study and preparation that way. I have had some practices where one portion of the time was reviewing information, but realistically, most of the study and preparation for quizzing is done at home as they study. Studying as a group does have its benefits, but nothing is better than a child motivated to study at home with parental assistance.

So as you practice, focus on how the quiz is conducted and questions are asked.

And what are some of the best ways to study? Of course study guides that I have prepared and have available on my web site are a great resource, used in conjunction with the Quizzing Game and the online quizzing and guides.

Another way is to have the clubber make flash cards, or write verses, definitions, etc on index cards and carry them around and study as they have time.

Don’t stress about Bible Quizzing. While we want the children to do well, the most important thing is that they are memorizing, understanding, and willing to share God’s Word. If we keep that focus, then it doesn’t matter where your team places.

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