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NOTE: Commander Bill  has served on the ministry team of various Awana missionaries, and has access to the database of questions used by missionaries to create the questions for their quizzes. He has also created questions used for the actual Bible Quiz in the region he has served. Consequently, Commander Bill, to avoid the ‘appearance of evil’ and to maintain the integrity of the quizzing, does not provide practice study questions.

 Commander Bill’s Quiz Study Guides


Bible Quiz Guide Agreement:

  • These Bible Quiz Guides are not created by Awana
  • While we have attempted to verify the accuracy of the guides, you should always check the guides against the handbooks.
  • Commander Bill holds no liability for answers deemed incorrect during a quiz as a result of the guides.
  • Always check with your event coordinator for what will be covered during the quiz in your region.
  • If you modify these guides, you must clearly note what was modified.
  • If you find errors, you agree to contact Commander Bill so he may revise and correct the guides as needed.
  • DO NOT claim the file as your own, nor post the file on your web site without permission of the creator of the document.

Please link back to this web site when referencing the guides in lieu of adding it to your own web site.

If you agree with these terms and conditions, then you may proceed to download the file. If you do not agree, then please do not download the file.

These guides are offered for free. There are costs to developing the guides (purchasing the handbooks, small group guides, etc). Please consider making a donation to Commander Bill to help offset the cost, maintain the website/resources, and/or to simply say thank you.


Evidence of Grace Quiz Guides can be found on the Evidence of Grace Resource Page.

Guides are in the download area above provides fun practice games and study materials to help kids prepare for Awana Bible Quizzing. You can play their games online, or download a copy to run on your own computer!

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