Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Book Review: Leading Kidmin

20160924_190633We all serve in children’s ministry. We are all leaders in children’s ministry on various levels. I recently read a book entitled “Leading Kidmin: How to Drive Real Change in Children’s Ministry“. The book is written by Matt Markins (President & COO of Awana) and Pat Cimo (Willow Creek Community Church).

The authors share personal stories and experiences from their decades of serving in children’s ministry. As I was reading, I could relate to several of the situations that they shared. Some I handled well, others I did not and l Iearned from their wisdom of how I should have handled some situations.

Ultimately what the book did was to make me take a hard look at myself. How was I approaching various situations? How was I viewing other staff and those serving alongside of me?

Do you want to drive real change in children’s ministry? It begins with you. I encourage you to read this book and begin taking the steps to bring real change and take your children’s ministry to the next level.

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