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Book Review: Rock Solid Volunteers

Larry Fowler’s recent book was released a few weeks ago. Larry takes a look at the account of Nehemiah, when Nehemiah led the people to reconstruct the city wall, and applies many principles found there in working with volunteers.

An excellent concept Larry uses is to have an extra-Biblical account from Uzziel introducing each chapter. Larry writes from Uzziel’s perspective, as if Uzziel is giving an account of how he feel’s about events as they are taking place during that time. By doing this, Larry is able to build a connection to what Uzziel would have felt to how volunteers feel today.

Larry shares from personal experiences as well as from many who currently serving in children’s ministries. I personally read things that I would like to see implemented in the ministries at our church and it prompted me to reflect on why I serve the way I do.

I believe that this is a must have for anyone who works with volunteers.

You can order your copy from the following places: AwanaAmazonCBD

(Disclosure statement: This review is my unsolicited view of the book. The copy I received and read for this review I purchased from Amazon – both a hard copy and an ebook. I am quoted in the book twice and I did receive a free, signed, copy of the book from Larry Fowler)

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