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Breaking Down Obstacles

Have you ever envisioned something for the ministry but as you shared with others it seemed as if all you received back were obstacles, people sharing why they think it won’t work, or unsure about trying something new and different? I’ve been there, and I’ve even been the one puting barriers in someone else’s way!

thinking As a children/youth pastor and Awana Commander, I’m not always satisfied with the norm and I’m known for “thinking outside the box”. Sometimes I think that I’m “ahead of the curve”. I believe that it is good to think outside the box, but there is a hazard to it.

I’ve been called “rogue” because I’m always looking for what God has and how the ministry can be improved. I shared recently about the negative reaction I received about moving youth to a different night and encouraging youth to serve. I’ve had other experiences like that as well. It is then that I realize that I hadn’t cast the vision well enough. While I was thinking outside the box, I forgot that everyone else was still inside the box and couldn’t see what I could see or I was so far ahead of the curve that it is hard for them to catch up. We need to find a way for them to see what we see and bring them “outside the box”.

When those times happen and it seems that obstacles get in the way, I find that I need to do three things:

  1. Pray…be sure God is leading in that direction
  2. Share… cast a vision on why I believe it is the direction the ministry should be heading
  3. Wait… for God to touch hearts, or to open the doors to allow for the path I believe He has laid out.

We cannot rush God, He will do things in His time. Sometimes we need to slow down and be patient.

When it seems that obstacles are in the way, God can – and will – remove them and sometimes it is us that needs to get out of the way and let Him do things in His timing.



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