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Children are at Risk!

For those reading this in the United States and other “developed” nations, when think about children at risk, we think about the children at risk of being victims of a child predator. We need to be aware of those risks and protect the children, but the children at risk I want to talk about today are those at risk of never hearing the Gospel. Those children who are in essence outcasts and have little hope of an education, clean living conditions, etc. My heart broke as I watched the video below…

There are children who need their basic physical needs met, as well as their spiritual need. As Awana works with various organizations, they can reach many for Jesus with this initiative. Partnerships are the key in any effective ministry. By working together, we can have a greater impact for the Kingdom of God. Are you willing to partner with Awana with your support through prayer and donations? Children are at risk of an eternity separated from God. By meeting basic needs and sharing Jesus with them, these children can have hope, a reason to smile. Won’t you join Awana International in giving these children hope, giving them Jesus?

You can find out more about the Children at Risk initiative and how you can be a part by clicking here…

Matthew 25:40 “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (KJV)

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  1. Thanks again Bill. I will think of differently now when I hear the number Ten. I don’t want it to mean “a lost childhood” to anyone.

  2. Bill, thanks for putting a spotlight on the spiritual needs of children at risk. Children at risk are everywhere and need the hope of the gospel. I was in Egypt in January before the unrest. We learned that there are children and their families who are living in “garbage cities” in Cairo…………thousands who make a “living” sorting through piles of garbage for recyclables. Awana leaders in Egypt are making plans this year to double the ministry of Awana in order to reach and disciple many more children. These leaders do not want the demonstrations to stop their plans. Please pray.

  3. Thank you Bill for highlighting the need to reach these children with the gospel. When I first viewed the “10” video I was stunned to realize that most children spend ten years living in a slum or refugee camp. I was also stunned when I heard the staggering statistics of kids growing up in these difficult environments. One billion people worldwide live in slums and almost half of them are children. The Awana ministry wants to reach these boys and girls as soon as possible with the gospel.

  4. Colin & Kathi, you are right that the need is great. The thing that sets this initiative a apart from others for me is the partnership that Awana is forming with other organizations who already minister to people around the world. By partnering with others, Awana can focus on what God has equipped them to do, while allowing other minstries to do what they have been equipped to do. I truly believe that by working together, many can be reached with the Gospel.

    As Colin noted, we need to especially pray for those in Egypt right now in that volatile environment and for how things will be for years to come once things calm down.

  5. Commander Bill, This is such a powerful video! Thank you for posting it. We can and we must do something to bring help and hope to these precious children. What a privilege to know that we are in fact serving Christ when we reach out to meet the needs of these children (Matt. 18:5; Matt. 25:40). Thank you for your wonderful blog!

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