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Children in Service

Yesterday I talked about how my parents modeled serving the Lord and how I was given opportunities to serve in my youth as reasons why I am so involved in serving the Lord today.

Today I want to share some ways that you can provide opportunities for youth (that includes children) to serve:

  • Stand at the entrance of the church, with an adult, and greet people
  • Hand out bulletins
  • Help set up and/or clean-up for various church activities
  • Help run the multi-media in children’s ministry
  • Assist in the nursery
  • Assist in other children’s ministry (I generally try to keep a minimum of 3 years difference in age when doing this)
  • Greet the other children as they enter a children’s ministry activity
  • Help present the lesson
  • Share a testimony
  • Perform the puppet skit

These are just a few ideas.

Awana has introduced the “Passport” for T&T (3rd – 6th Graders) which is a service activity. A clubber performs up to four service activities per year and for each two, they earn an award (pin). The service activities performed are up to the individual club to decide and Awana has provided several options which I have linked to below.

Ultimate Adventure Service Passport Labels and Instructions

Ultimate Challenge Service Passport Labels and Instructions

When we allow children to serve, we are providing them ways to live out their faith, so their faith will not be “dead”. They will also learn that they are a part of the family of God and will be less likely to leave the church when they turn 18.

Do you have any other ideas to allow children to serve?

What ways do you allow children to serve in your local church?

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