Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

CPC16: Early Morning Thoughts



The theme for the Children’s Pastors Conference 2016 is “We Are One” Throughout the conference we will here this theme echoed in many ways.

We are one:

  • with God Himself
  • Oneness defined
  • with the families we serve
  • with this generation
  • with the kidmin community
  • with the global church
  • and our mission

This theme resonates with me. Unity within the body of Christ is critical and the Bible speaks of it often. So often the bickering among those who call themselves followers of Jesus is a great hindrance among those who do not believe. Unity is also critical within the local church. was begun because when I first began in Awana as a leader, I saw the impact it could have on this generation. I thought about the thousands of churches using Awana and how much greater an impact we could have if we collaborated with one another instead of working as “islands” each trying to find their way.

This week that theme of unity will be strengthened within me through this conference, because we are one, with one mission…. sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What would happened of we all worked together, truly prayed for one another, supported one another? Reach out to others and let’s walk this journey together.


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