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CPC16: The Untold Story


This evening I was going to post about the first general session which was held Wednesday night. There was a lot of great information and insight given to all those in attendance, too much to record here. To see a glimpse of the first general session, I will defer to GJ Farmer’s who did an excellent job of recording The Best Quotes From #CPC16 General Session 1.

As I sat listening to the messages being delivered. I looked around the room at the hundreds of people serving in children’s ministry. Here we were on a Wednesday night. For many, like myself, it is a night of ministry in our home churches. At breakfast, we spoke with one who was short on leadership that night with other concerns. I was possibly short on leaders as well and I wanted to encourage one of the children in my Awana ministry. I am sure that there were many more stories of people thinking about the ministry taking place at home while they were being re-energized. I cannot share all of their stories, but I can share mine.

There is a child who does not always do well during Awana working in their handbook. Last week, I personally worked with them, building on the relationship I had with them. Knowing I would not be there this week for Awana, I still wanted to encourage them and keep the momentum going. I requested permission from their parent to call them at a specific time Wednesday afternoon and they gave permission. I called at the specified time, spoke to their parent briefly, then spoke with the child, encouraging them to do well that evening in Awana. I could hear in the child’s voice some excitement that someone took an interest in them and they said they would work on their section and do well. After speaking with the child, the parent said it was cute watching their child talk to me. As I write this, I have not heard how this child did during Awana, but I am encouraged by the call.

I can only imagine the many others at CPC with similar stories this evening.

The untold story is the many people here who truly care about reaching children for Jesus. Denominations are seldom mentioned, just a desire to share the Gospel. It is a great time to re-connect with others you know (I could “drop names” but I won’t) and meet new people with a similar passion to reach children. Eventhough we are not home for ministry, we know we have left it in good hands, but never let go, continually thinking about, and praying for those serving in our absence.

CPC is truly a time when iron sharpens iron. We will all go home different then we came, and that is the untold story.

What is your “untold story” from CPC?


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