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End of the Year Program Idea – Smarter than…

by: Melissa Garris

PPT by: Gary Bodenschatz


Last year our end of year Awards Ceremony was quite a hit. We modeled the entire ceremony after the game show “Are you Smarter Than a 5th grader”, but we called it “Are you Smarter Than an Awana Clubber?”

We had three main segments… “Are you Smarter Than a Cubbie?” which pitted our Minister of Education against our Cubbies. My husband found a power point version of the game show on the internet somewhere and adapted it to use in our ceremony. We had questions based on the Cubbie handbook. Our Minister of Education had to admit he was NOT smarter than an Awana Cubbie!

“Are you Smarter than a Sparkie” pitted our Youth Minister against the Sparks. He did better than our Minister of Education, but had to admin he was NOT smarter than a Sparkie. Again – power point with questions from the Sparks handbooks.

“Are you Smarter than a T&Ter” put our Preacher’s wife against the T&Ters. She is VERY competitive and studied on the Awana website that afternoon! She won and was able to say she was smarter than a T&Ter!

We also had a Game Show host to run the game show segments, along with an announcer that sat in our balcony with a microphone so that everyone could hear him introduce each segment (like you see on tv shows).

We even had commercial breaks – one was a slide presentation of pictures from the year, and another was a video of our Cubbies doing the Cubbie theme song.

If I remember correctly, the awards for each group were presented after their game show segment.

Melissa has provided us with the files used to share with you:

Are You Smarter Than an Awana Cubbie?

Are You Smarter Than an Awana Sparkie?

Are You Smarter Than an Awana T&T’er?

Keep in mind that with any standard file, you may need to edit it if fonts used are not on your system and things like that.

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