Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

A “Must Have” for Your Ministry

If you’re looking for something to energize your game time, or any time, then you must get finger blasters from Awana. fingerblaster

It’s like shooting a rubber band, but a big foam one. I’ve had finger blaster battles with Awana missionaries after conferences, used finger blasters for target shooting during gametime and a huge finger blaster battle.

Give each child a couple finger blasters in a large room and let them run and try to shoot one another, picking up finger blasters and keep shooting. A great way to have fun and burn off some energy.

Click here to see a short video of finger blasters in action.

Take a minute and share how you’ve used Finger blasters in your ministry.


Updated: January 13, 2014 — 7:51 pm

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