Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Get in the Boat

The story of Jesus walking on water and then inviting Peter to come out of the boat, on to the water with Him, is a popular story to share about faith. We are all told that we need to get out of the boat, but there is something that we must do before we get out of the boat…. we need to be IN the boat!


Recently I spent time relaxing at a lake house and as I sat on the side of the lake, I glanced over at the boat just sitting there. I thought how sad that there was a boat just sitting there and no one was getting in it. No one was headed for the destination it could take them, like God had a mission, but no one was getting in the boat to go.

Before the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water, He instructed them to get in the boat and go to the other side (Matthew 14:22). God was about to do something amazing on the other side, but in order to be a part of what God was doing, they had to get in the boat and go where Jesus was headed. Before Peter could take the greater step of faith and get out of the boat on to the water, he had to take the smaller step of faith and get into the boat.

So often we may be looking for that great leap of faith when God just wants us to get in the boat and go to where He is about to do a great thing.

Before we “get out of the boat” as so many encourage us to do, we need to be in the boat. Are you in the boat headed to where God is about to do great things, ready to take that big step out of the boat, that big leap of faith?

Don’t discount the “small” things God has you doing. He is preparing you for greater things that He is about to do!


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