Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Giving Thanks…

Thanksgiving in the U.S. has become a time of watching parades, watching football, eating a lot of food, spending time with family & friends and welcoming Santa Claus to enter in the Christmas season. Oh yea, and giving thanks for everything good.

I put together a quiz for our Trek aged group (middle school / junior high) and in less than 2 generations, the emphasis of the day went from giving thanks to being more focused on the food. Ministers at the time were grieved that the focus had shifted.

It doesn’t take long for something to be forgotten, or changed. If one generation does not pass on things to the next, then it is lost. Like faith. If our generation does not share what God has done with the next generation, then they will grow up not knowing God and what Jesus did for them.

So as we, in the U.S., go through the traditions of Thanksgiving, let us remember to be thankful for the children that God has placed in our life (yes, even those who may be a little difficult) and may we be faithful in sharing Jesus with them, passing our faith on to the next generation.

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