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How Often Should I Hold Meetings?


Recently I received an e-mail from an Awana Commander with a question about how often they should hold meetings. While each club may have different meetings for different people, and a different perspective on meetings, I hope that sharing this question and my response will help you.

I have some folks on my Awana team who are very meeting oriented. I, and most of the staff, are meeting minimalists. I do not want to look back from Heaven having had any more, or less, meetings than I should have held.

Any guidelines for director, and or, leader meetings in the course of an Awana Club year? Our directors and leaders are mostly long-term, committed and well-trained folks who are motivated and who know their jobs well.

meetingIn regard to meetings, their purpose is to keep people informed so you are all on the “same page”. People that are meeting oriented usually want to be sure that they know what is going on. That could possibly be done by a weekly e-mail (if they use e-mail) sharing what’s coming up the next few weeks, and notes about the night to remind people, or to tweak things. A “face-to-face” meeting once a quarter may be adequate for the group to discuss things they see going on with the club, plan for any theme nights, and for general questions to be asked in a group setting.

A lot of it becomes the dynamic you have. Check with the meeting oriented people and see if a weekly communication will help satisfy their need for the meeting, to help keep them informed with an open line of communication with you to be available to answer any questions, concerns they may wish to address.


How about you? How would answer their question regarding meetings?


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  1. I’m wondering what the “official” Awana Hq recommendation is. The Awana Blue Ribbon Clubs survey poses the following question:

    How often does your club have any type of leadership meetings (Meetings specifically scheduled for leaders)? Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Bi-Monthly Quarterly

    I have no insight to the answer but I’m assuming that the “correct response” will give a club credit towards a Blue Ribbon rating, where others in some unknown order are typical of a Red, Yellow, or White Ribbon Club.

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