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I Got There Late


Whenever a new technology comes out, there are always the “early adopters”. The people that have to have the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out. They stand in long lines just waiting to be one of the firsts to have this new gadget.


I am not one of those people. In fact, sometimes I am actually “late to the party”. Can you believe that I do not own an Apple product? That’s right, no iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. I may never make it there.

Recently, a child had their electronic device with them playing Minecraft. Now I had heard of Minecraft, but that’s as far as I went. As I often do, I began asking questions to learn more, engaging the children in a conversation that interested them. Consequently, I set out on a course, purchased the mobile version of Minecraft (PE) and began to play. Yes, I got a little frustrated not understanding the purpose, but as a youth began to share with me some of the things that could be done in Minecraft, I began to see several potential spiritual applications. Another way to connect the Gospel into the lives of children using something they view almost everyday. Imagine if I had embraced Minecraft a few years ago when it become popular. Yes, I got there late, but the potential is still endless, just like the game.

I plan to begin posting these spiritual application on my other blog/site, PB&J KidZone. There is no set timetable, but I hope to have a series of lesson, parables if you will, from Minecraft posted there. I pray that it draws many children to learn more about the One True God.

What about you? What spiritual applications do you see in Minecraft?


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