Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

“I Saw You There”

This past Sunday morning I was embarassed, humbled and given a glimpse of the impact I have on children as I minister to them in the local church.

I saw two young ladies come in with members and I did not recognize them, they were “new” children for me. They opted to come to our Kidz Church. One of them was in 8th grade and I told them they could stay in the “adult” service if the wanted, they chose to come to Kidz Church.

They had not “signed in” and so I asked them one of them their name and I was embarassed becasue I knew this young lady but I didn’t recognize her!!! She had come occasionally years before, as did the other young lady with her.

I interacted with them, as I did the other children as Kidz Church was ending, she asked if I attended one of the plays at a local school and I said Yes, I did. That’s when she said, “I saw you there”. I always check programs when I attend school functions to see how many chldren I know that are involved, and I recognized her name, but didn’t see her during the play so I’d forgotten about it, but she remembered me, even though I didn’t remember her.

You may not think that you are having an impact on the children in your ministry, but you are! Every now and then, God will give you a glimpse and remind you why you do what you do.

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