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Intelligent Design?

Yesterday it seemed like everyone was in awe of Tim Tebow having passed for 316 yards. Even the secular media connected that to Tim Tebow’s favorite verse, John 3:16. So, was it a coincidence? Several people would say no, that it was designed by God for Tebow to throw for 316 yards. If that is true, and I am not saying that it is not, then God had that designed from before the game began. I don’t think it would have gotten near the end of the fourth quarter and God said, “you know,  if Pittsburgh doesn’t get the field goal and win, and it goes into overtime, then maybe he can get 316 yards. After all he’s only 80 yards away.”

I believe it would have been designed from before the game, just like before the world was made, there was a plan of salvation in place and everything pointed to it.

Does God care about which team wins the Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not, but I do know that by Denver winning in a spectacular fashion in overtime, and Tebow throwing for exactly 316 yards, that God was magnified, even by the secular media and isn’t that what we want, for God to be glorified.

God cares about little things and He has a plan. I posted this on my personal Facebook page yesterday…. “Pittsburgh Steelers fans should be rejoicing in their loss, because in that loss, they were used by God to spread His message. Being in God’s will does not always turn out the way we plan, but always brings glory to God.”

Let God be glorified in all we do and remember that if we are following the will of God, then we will not always win, things may not always go good (in our eyes), but in all we need to know that God has a plan and will be glorified.

Just look at the life of Joseph, thrown in a well, sold into slavery, accused of rape, forgotten in prison, but in all of it, he knew God had a plan and God was glorified.

May we keep things in perspective.


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  1. I hate football, but have kind of kept up on the Tebow “phenomenon”. (I live in a suburb of Denver~ I can’t really avoid it much!)

    I found it more than interesting, yesterday, when I went to Yahoo to search for something, that “John 3:16” was trending in the #1 spot! Praise God!

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