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Invite Them In

There is a greater emphasis lately about special needs ministry. There are many who resist because they think that they need a large structure in place in order to start this ministry. That simply is not true.

A children’s pastor I know has just released a book entitled, “Invite Them In: A Practical Guide for Including Special Needs Kids in Your Children’s Ministry”

invite-them-in-md[1]This book is exactly what the sub-title suggests, a practical guide. Doug has takes his education and experience as a special needs teacher and children’s pastor and has put together a guide that you can use to prepare for the special needs child who visits your ministry.

Whether it is a first time visitor, or a larger ministry you are seeking to establish, Doug provides practical steps you can use to get started.

The format allows you to easily use it as a references guide. You won’t have to search through pages of stats and psychological analysis, just practical information formatted by chapter for you to find information easily.

There are many types of special needs, but with about 1 in 68 children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, there is a high probability that you will have a special needs child visit your ministry. Don’t wait until it happens and wonder what you should do during their first visit, get “Invite Them In” and be prepared for when they arrive.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting another special needs resource. As you stated, there does seem to be a lot of information “out there”. A week ago Sunday School Superintendent recently hosted part 1 of a two part seminar on ministering to special needs children. Teachers from all children’s ministries were invited and it was very well received. In preparation for our upcoming VBS, we received special needs training using materials from the VBS publisher. Lastly, I also reviewed the ever-growing resources provided by Awana, as I prepare to update my volunteer training for the next year.

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