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Is Children’s Ministry a Babysitting Service?


Have you ever complained that your ministry was used as a babysitting service by some parents? If you do, you are not alone, take a few moments and watch the video below….

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Now, take a minute and replace the word skating rink with the word church, and the name of the rink to your church’s name.

How would you feel if the media picked up on you and your volunteers complaining that your church and your ministry was being used as a babysitting service? Replace the people in the news piece with your pastor and children’s ministry staff. What would that story do to the reputation of your church?

Is it wrong for parents to leave their children somewhere well after they close? Yes. In the story it is for hours after they close, in the church it may only be a few minutes before volunteers complain about parents being late to pick up their child.

Often the complaint is that parents just drop off their children and leave.

Maybe your ministry is giving parents a well needed break and time to spend together. There could be several reasons why parents “drop and run”. Our focus needs to be on the child who God has placed in our care for that time and show them Jesus.

You are in children’s ministry to reach the child and work with the parents as they are willing to partner with you. Satan will try many things to keep you from being effective for God, and to get you to lose your purpose and passion. Be thankful for the children in your ministry, focus on them, and show them Jesus. If the parent is late, take time to build an appropriate relationship with the child.

Thank God you’re a “babysitter”. It may be the only time they see Jesus.



Updated: November 12, 2014 — 9:16 pm

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