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Is It Really A Day We’ll Never Forget?

As the United States remembered the events of Sept. 11, 2011 this past Sunday, there were many in children’s ministry who had plans to do something special. I did not.

I looked at the children in our KidzChurch and knew that non of them would remember the events of that day. They either had not yet been born, or were just a few months old at the time. They didn’t know what had occurred, they didn’t experience it first-hand.

I think back to other events in U.S. history that were days the “American people” would never forget. The two that stand out are the attack on Pearl Harbor and the assassination of President Kennedy. I have to admit, that neither have these events have much significance for me. I was not born, or too young to remember those events occurring. I only have the knowledge of what was shared with me as to these events. That is how the events of 9-11 are, and will be, for the children in your ministry – they will not know about them, unless they are told, and then it won’t be “personal” like it is for those who experienced and remember that day.


That is how it is with the knowledge of God. We must share it with others. I look at Judges 2:10 which reads, “After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.”

After we are gone, will the next generation know about the events of 9-11?

After we are gone, will the next generation know about Jesus?

Has His death and resurrection (a day we should never forget) become just one day where we focus on Jesus? Do our children really understand, or are we misleading them with other things?

We need to share what God has done for us with the next generation, but unlike Pearl Harbor, 9-11, and events like that, knowing Jesus is personal. It is not just something taught, but they can experience Jesus first-hand and it should be our prayer that they do experience the saving knowledge of Jesus.

May it not be one day a year (or week) where we teach children about Jesus, but rather may our lives show it and lead the children, and others, to Him so they can experience His love first-hand and never forget what Jesus did for them.


Updated: September 12, 2011 — 12:14 pm

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