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It’s Conference Time!!!

Some of you may have already attended an Awana conference… if you did, why aren’t you saying anything about it?!? I know in Texas they tried using the Twitter hashtag #AMC11 and when I searched, I only saw two tweets which were by the missionary 🙁

I wonder, is the Awana community not as “connected” as some of us think? Are we not keeping up to date with the technology available today? How can we reach children & youth if we are not familiar with their digital world? How can we engage them?

As I posted back in April, I will be doing what I can to do some live streaming over the next three Saturdays at the Awana conferences that I am participating and leading workshops at in PA & MD. I will also be encouraging people to tweet (hashtag #Awanacon11) through the conference and update their FaceBook status’ throughout the conferences (yes, even during the workshops I am leading!). It’s a way to allow more people to be involved in conference when they may not be able to attend because of childcare issues, or whatever. It also helps to reach one more with the Gospel and importance of children’s ministry. (Hey, that’s the theme of conference, One More!)

Quality of the video may not be the best depending on connection speeds, but it is a start, and I pray that people will participate in these conferences “from a distance”. If you do, let me know. How will you know when I am streaming live? Follow me on Twitter (@CommanderBill) and you will be notified when the broadcast begins, or stop by at anytime. I have the live feed posted on the main page 🙂

What do you think about this idea? Are you going to try to “join us”? Let me know!






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