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I’ve Got the Fever!


It’s 10:00 pm on a Wednesday night. Awana ended over an hour ago and I’m now home. I need to wake up early to go to work and some may wonder why I don’t lay down to rest. The answer is easy… I have the fever….

thermometerMaybe you’ve experienced this fever as well, whether Awana, or another children’s ministry. The excitement that overwhelms you as you reach out to children and other volunteers. The interaction and relationships you are building. The anticipation for the next time you gather.

I have to admit that tonight, part of that excitement also includes the beginning of the NFL season. Next week, two local teams play each other on Thursday night, and it is always a great game and a great rivalry. So anytime I can merge two things I, and others enjoy, it just makes the fever go even higher.

Next week in Awana, my Ultimate Adventure club will have to choose between one of the two football teams playing next Thursday night. For every section they complete, their team’s player will move 5 or 10 yards. The team with the most points, and/or yardage, will win. All members of the winning team will be rewarded with a prize. They can also wear their team’s jersey and be considered “in uniform”.


Yes, I’m excited by the excitement of the children and leaders as they left tonight, looking forward to next week.

What gets you excited? What give you “the fever”?


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