Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Kids for Sale!

Yep, it’s true, as I was driving down a  local road, I saw a sign that read, “Kids for Sale”. REALLY!

I don’t know why they want to sell their kids, maybe they had to many, maybe they were eating too much, maybe they were to hard to manage – didn’t respond to discipline, or maybe they were tired of them.

We all have kids in our ministries that are difficult and maybe we wish we could sell them, or trade them, to another ministry. You know, let someone else handle them. Maybe you secretly celebrate when they move up to the next class, to to the youth group.

We shouldn’t be that way. We should be trying to reach them where they are at. It saddens me when I see a leader not putting forth an effort to reach those “troubled” kids. Yes, there does come a time when we shake the dust from our feet, but all too often I have seen leader determine that a kid is bad and when that kid does even the slightest thing, they are spoken to and set aside. Is that what Jesus really wants us to do?

So let me encourage you not to “sell” your kids, but to reach out to them and the family. The first step is to pray for them daily and the things they may be going through.

Oh, and the sign that read “Kids for Sale”…. well, they are selling some goats 🙂

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