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March Madness 2012

Once again Tony Kummer at has set up a children’s ministry blog March Madness tournament. This is a fun exercise to draw attention to various children’s ministry blogs. I’m honored to be the #4 seed in the West Region.

In this first round, you can select four blogs from each region and the top four blogs make it to the sweet 16 where the tallies are cleared and voting begins again to get the Final Four.

Last year I was the #14 seed and a “Cinderella” story making it into the sweet 16 and making a run for the Final Four, but was out voted by Sam Luce, who is in my region again.

This is a fun contest and I view it that way. Yes, I’m competitive and enjoy the challenge, but win or lose, I’ll have fun with it and when the fun goes, and it is taken to seriously, I’ll step aside. Last year I donated $200 toward Awana International based on votes I received. Some said I was buying votes. But the winner of the “tournament” last year would receive an iPad2 and I had trouble asking people to vote for my blog so I could receive an iPad (though I’d like one). Donating money for votes was simply my way of showing that it wasn’t about me, but was for fun and I wanted to do something positive from it. Because of the comments last year, I will not be doing that.

I know that I haven’t kept up with my blog as much as I’d like these last few months, but I would be honored if you would vote for my blog and help me advance to the Sweet 16.

You can vote by clicking here. Again, I’m the #4 seed in the West Region.

Thank you.



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