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Missionary Spotlight – Mike Sexton

Taylor Lassiter suggested that I spotlight today’s missionary. Taylor said that, “Mike Sexton in CA is probably one of the best missionaries in the US. He’s a pretty quiet guy, but does things with excellence unto the Lord, and is pretty innovative and has a great Ministry.”

That is a pretty good recommendation from one of the younger missionaries that has learned from Mike, a missionary with experience. Like Taylor, take time to learn from others with experience. You can learn a lot from the wisdom they’ve gained from their years of service and things they have experienced. If you are an “seasoned” Awana leader, share your wisdom with others (as well as continuing to learn from others). Use your missionary as a resource along with their ministry teams and network with others in Awana.

As I always do, I asked Mike some questions and below are his responses. My prayer is that this will help you get to know him and his ministry a little bit better:

How long have you been an Awana Missionary?

We have served as Awana Missionaries for 15+ years.  We have been involved in Awana over 30 years.

What area do you serve?

Northern California and Northern Nevada

# of churches under your care: 165

Fun Facts: Favorite food, favorite sport, something interesting people don’t know about you, etc…(whatever info you want to share):

Lasagna, but I hardly ever get to eat it anymore and most any type of cookie, again another item that is not on the approved diet list.  My favorite sport is ice hockey and I played the game in Spokane, WA.  I got to go on my sports trip of a lifetime in October 2010 when I went to a Montreal Canadiens game, a New England Patriots game and visited the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Why are you an Awana Missionary?

It has changed over the years.  Early in our ministry, it was about reaching kids for Christ which obviously is still very important.  Our ministry changed to be about training and equipping the next generation for ministry especially with high school students at camp and mission trips.  These last few years it has been about equipping and encouraging Commanders in their ministry through Commander College because have we have seen through our years of ministry as the Commander goes so goes the Awana ministry in a local church.

Share something God is doing in your ministry:

God has really blessed our area Commanders as they have been challenged and encouraged at Commander College.  We have seen many of our club ministries improve as a result.

What advice would you give to a local Awana Commander or Leader?

3 things – The first from Commander College – Lead on the Growing Edge – which means that you can never stop growing in your personal walk with the Lord;  the second – Never stop recruiting; and the third – “If you are leading and no one is following, you are just out for a walk.”

How can we specifically pray for you over the next month?

The upcoming Commander College 101, July 22nd-24th, Biola University.
Preparation for upcoming Team Building Dinners and Awana Ministry Conferences.
National Awana Movie Day, October 1st, to impact dads and moms in their spiritual influence in their homes.
Good follow up with churches who  began Awana last year in order to continue strong this fall.

Any other comments or thoughts you would like to share…

We are very excited about the coming year and our desire is to be better servants to our local churches.  A couple of quotes: One from a missionary friend – “If nothing changes, nothing changes” and the other from a couples devotional we have be doing – “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”  We want to follow God’s plan for our ministry and that means making changes in our lives in accordance to His will and not our own desires and preferences.  Ephesians 2:10 says it best – “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” NKJV

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