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Mistakes I've Made – Part 2

My first article about a mistake I made was so popular, I will share with you more of my imperfections (which I had planned to do anyway).  Again, my prayer is that you learn from mistakes I made (as I have) and avoid the in the future.

Good communication is vital! A few years ago, as we planned for our closing program, I was approached by the Sparks Director (who was a fairly new director) who wanted to have a fellowship for the Sparks and their families after the awards program, or so I thought. We had let the Cubbies leave after they received their awards for a few years so they wouldn’t get “antsy” in the pews. When the Sparks Director asked me, I said sure, thinking that he meant after the entire Awards night activities. Well, I was mistaken. After the Sparks were presented their end of the year awards, he proceeded to lead them out to a fellowship hall for a time of fellowship taking a large portion of the audience with them. Consequently, they missed seeing the older kids getting their awards and the PowerPoint presentation I had developed showing the need for children’s mnistry and thinking all who serve in it. It was pretty powerful if I do say so myself (others did as well).

When I had a fellowship for the Awana leadership later the next week and replayed that presentation, the Sparks director said, “WOW!, we probably should have stayed in the service to see that” (paraphrased).

So while not a “major” mistake, because of a lack of communication, this occured and several missed the message and impact of the presentation.

Some may call it “micro-managing” (I dislike that term), it is important to understand and know what others are saying and doing so the Awana ministry & its leadership is on the “same page”, working in unison to reach kids and their families.

Updated: September 17, 2010 — 9:52 am

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