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My Team is Better!!

As we approach Thanksgiving day in the U.S., I want to share something for which I am thankful.

Over the last few days on the Kidology forums, there has been some friendly banter back and forth to see which of two football teams would win Monday night. The San Diego Chargers, or Karl Bastian’s beloved Denver Broncos. Participants were encouraged to take sides and several (including myself) joined in with the banter.

This was enjoyable because it was done in a fun way, not belittling one another. No one took it serious and we all had fun with it. Karl noted that if Denver won, he would broadcast his victory dance, and if Denver lost, he would broadcast a concession speech. Well, it was apparent early on that he would concede which he did at the end of the game. Here is the recording of his concession speech – I asked him if he was going to record it because I needed a good blog post 😀

Unfortunately, we do not always see the same thing in the church. All to often ministries take sides and fight for their team (ministry). They fight for budget amounts, space, volunteers, promotion and they are serious about it. Instead of working together, ministries “battle” each other and complain when one seems to have more preferential treatment than another. My brothers and sisters, this should not be so. We should be supporting one another in ministry as we seek to reach a lost world for Jesus.

I am thankful for several people in children’s ministry who seek to partner, network and support one another regardless of denomination. I am thankful for the partnership our children’s ministry has with other churches of various denominations (all following Jesus and Biblically sound) to provide Awana, a summer camp and vacation Bible school in an effort to reach many more children for Jesus. That is why was developed, to network those serving in Awana (and other children’s ministries) to work together for the Kingdom.

So enjoy the friendly competition and bantering that several of us did this week, but don’t employ that same competitive aspect in ministry. It is not our church against yours to see who reaches more children. It is not my ministry against yours to see who gets the best classroom or more funding. Imagine how much more effective we can be as we work together, in unity, reaching children (people) for Jesus.

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  1. Glad my misery could help a higher cause. GO BRONCOS!!

  2. I firmly believe that there is a spirtual lesson in everything, even the Broncos losing. Thanks for providing the basis for this one. 🙂

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