Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Non-Negotiable: The Gospel

Recently I posted about the non-negotiables of an effective ministry. This is one that I did not include. I was kind of surprised that no one commented about its absence from the list.


bible_openedThe one thing that is absolutely non-negotiable in ministry is the Gospel. Without the Gospel, we are teaching morals and good values. Without the Gospel, life has little meaning.

Ministry isn’t about earning awards, perfect attendance, or anything else except for the Gospel, sharing Jesus with the children so they may come into fellowship with God.

I’m honored to serve the local church through Awana in various roles. Below is a video produced for Awana emphasizing that the Gospel is critical to Awana and has always permeated their materials. It isn’t an after thought, or following the latest ministry shift, the Gospel has always been at the heart of Awana.


Our ministry is in vain if there is no Gospel. It needs to be central to our ministry. It is non-negotiable.


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