Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

One More…. Excuse

The summer is upon us and while we are making our plans for vacations and summertime activities, many are also making plans for the fall. What sports their children will play in, what role they will have in Awana or other ministries, etc.

I want to encourage you to plan now for an event that happens every year, the Fall Awana Ministry Conference. If you are not sure where one is being held near you, you can find out by using the Conference Finder.

The theme is “One More” and you can watch a brief video about it here…

Please don’t use One More excuse to miss it. I’ve heard several and I’ve concluded that if you want to go, you will. I will address one excuse though. One excuse that is heard about conference is that it is the same thing every year. If that is an excuse that you use, then you must be a veteran Awana leader! I want to thank you for serving faithfully for several years. With your experience and wisdom from years of service, would you consider leading a workshop to help others improve their ministry? I know that you could help many, or even if it is just One More, wouldn’t it be worth it? However if you decide not to attend, then you are helping no one and that One More will miss out on your wisdom and experience.

So try not to have One More excuse to miss conference, I hope to see you there!

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