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Planning and Preparation

This may only be November, but I have been thinking about and planning our closing awards program (held in May) for a couple of months now. This week I am confirming some aspects of it and it is 5 months away! Some people may think I’m crazy for planning so far in advance, but really, I’m not. There are several reasons why I want this closing program to be first class and have a big “WOW” factor.

1) It is the first closing program that will not be a short presentation during a morning service, or at the end of a club night.

2) This year we partnered with another church and it has been very successful and I want to celebrate that.

As a commander and children’s pastor, it is not uncommon to begin planning for things several months ahead of time. We need to be prepared.

But in the midst of the long-range planning, I can’t lose sight of the immediate future. What is happening each club night and the next club night and in the lives of the kids and leaders.

So am I crazy for planning the closing program already?

How do you go about planning for activities and events? Is it always “last minute”, or well planned out in advance?

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  1. No,it’s not too early! I agree with your comments about not losing site with the present. I have found myself doing this at times. I am looking ahead & need to remind myself about this weeks club night & challenges.

  2. Bill,
    It’s never too early to begin planning! Planning early makes room for creativity and helps to lower stress.
    Looking Up,

  3. Keith & Carolyn,

    Thank you for your comments and agreeing that I’m not crazy 🙂

    I agree that by planning in advance it allows for a lot more creativity.

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