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Politics and Kidmin

This Presidential election emotions seem to be running higher than normal. People are taking strong stands, often not in favor of one candidate, but in opposition to the other. These emotions and views are being picked up by their children and others around them.

Every Sunday before I begin my class I ask if anyone has any prayer requests, or want to thank God for something. One Sunday morning, a child shared their prayer request that a certain candidate would win the election. A brief discussion ensued and another child expressed “support” for the opposing candidate.

I generally do not discuss politics with children unless they initiate the discussion, and this day, the topic came to me.

I’ve seen the memes posted on Facebook, the biased articles and how people are mainly sharing why you should not vote for the other candidate. I knew how some of the parents felt and how different children in the class would respond, so what was I to do with this prayer request for a certain candidate?

I did the same thing I do when a child asks that their sports team wins. I don’t pray for winners and losers. When a child asks that their team win, I pray that they will play their best. In each game there will be a winner and loser (except on the rare case when there might be a tie), if you play your best, you can ask for no more and have no reason to be ashamed.

So in this case, I shared with the class that I would not pray for one candidate or the other to win, but I would pray that God’s will be done. As a children’s ministry leader, my desire is to draw people to Jesus and if people are drawn to Jesus, believe and follow Him, then the Holy Spirit will guide them in all their decisions as they seek Him.

Are you finding that the Presidential election is becoming a conversation among the children in your ministry? If so, how are you addressing it?

If it has not come up in your class yet, how do you plan to address it if it does?


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