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Recordkeeping Software – Recap

This week I posted my interviews with five developers of recordkeeping products for Awana. The interviews will not give you everything you need to know about the recordkeeping products, but my hope is that you will see their hearts and understand that all of them have developed and maintained their products because they want to streamline recordkeeping for Awana Clubs so leaders can spend more time ministering to the children. The computer based products are very similar in the records they keep and the administrative functions they have available. They all continually update to provide clubs the resource they are looking for to enhance their club.

The other thing I hope you notice is that none of the products are from Awana. Each developer has to go through various steps of learning what new products, revisions, etc. are in place for the new club year. My advice to them, and you, is to read “The Secret to My Knowledge of Awana” to help stay informed of what’s happening in Awana. Some may question why Awana does nor support, recommend, or develop a recordkeeping product. From my conversations with Awana personnel, they simply do not have the structure to handle the support aspect of a software product for recordkeeping for clubs and with various options for clubs, I don’t think they want to endorse one over the other to give you a choice.

While I have shared which products I have used and currently use, it is not to recommend them over the others, simply to be open so you will see I have no bias toward one or another in sharing about them, and that I do not receive anything for “promoting” any of them. It is all to inform you as to what is available and to try to do so in an open and honest way so you can decide what is the best option for your club.

I always tell new clubs to utilize the forms and recordkeeping items that Awana supplies. Awana works hard to provide you the resources you need to run an effective club. If as the club year progresses they say “hey, this might work better if…”, then I tell them to look at forms others use that available on my web site and recordkeeping software. I tell them to compare, test drive, and see which product best fits their club. From my communication with the developers, that is their heart as well.

While nothing is perfect, each of these developers go above and beyond to give you a quality product to help you do the most important thing, minister to the children.

If you’ve developed forms you are willing to share, or know of other recordkeeping products, then please let me know. You retain credit for files you develop and it allows clubs to see what others are doing to give them options for their clubs. Afterall, aren’t we all trying to do the same thing, reach kids for Christ using this tool called Awana? Working together we can do great things – and keep others from “re-inventing the wheel” as they learn from what others are doing.

I pray that these interviews have been informational for you and help you in selecting how you will keep and maintain records for your club.


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