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Recordkeeping Software UPDATE!

As we live in the digital age, many Awana clubs are using record-keeping software. There used to be several options but they have dwindled down to just two.

In case you are wondering, here is a run down of the software that seems to have fallen by the wayside:

  • ClubDB ceased to exist several years ago
  • ClubNite Manager has not been updated since 8/2011
  • ClubMouse has not been updated since 9/2011
  • Keep the Records was a short-lived web based application

That leaves two database applications that are available for clubs to use:

ark_sm     approved_db


I have personally used both products and they are very comparable. If you want to digitize your Awana records, I highly recommend either of these products. If you choose either product, please let them know that you heard about them from Commander Bill.

If you know of any other software products, please let me know.


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