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There are thousands of Awana clubs that use computer databases to maintain records, yet Awana does not provide, develop, maintain nor support a software recordkeeping program. So how can clubs be using computer databases?

Some clubs have developed their own databases, whether using Microsoft Access or writing their own. Many are using database programs that have been written by others and have been made available for other clubs.

To help introduce you to some of the software products available, I have interviewed the developers of four of the most popular software products available. At one point, I had a comparison chart, comparing the various products. Two were removed because I could not confirm their features and one has since stopped support of the software. The other three were compared in several categories and features.

All four of the products are very similar as they provide reports, maintain attendance, awards, etc. So much so that I have discontinued the comparison chart because it has gotten very detailed, difficult to maintain and keep current.

In the interviews, I tried to ask the questions you would ask… plans for an “app” for smartphones/tablets, possible web based application, tech support, updates, etc. I really think that you will be surprised with how they find out about changes that Awana makes to the program.

I truly hope that you will take the time to read the interviews and comment. Let me know what you learned about the software and if you use any of the software products, please comment about it here in the appropriate forum.

The four products being shared this week are: Approved Workman, A.R.K., Clubmouse and Clubnite Manager. I will post one interview each day this week.

I pray that this is informative and helps you select the software product for your club.

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