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Respectful Hate


If you are a sports fan, then you know about rivalries. One of the biggest rivalries in the National Football League (NFL) is the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. So much so that both meetings of these two teams were premiere games on national TV.

In the most recent contest, they had a former Steeler interview a current Raven’s player (who also played against this former player). The interview was a little awkward, that makes for good ratings, but I thought it was a honest expression of a rivalry.

Yes there is hatred between the two teams and their players. One thing the player said is that they had respect for the other team. You can view the interview below (it is a little long and I apologize for the commercial).

I won’t comment on the play of the two teams, they both played hard.

I want to focus on respect. It is a character trait that seems to be going extinct. If someone has an opposing view, then they lose respect. They become “haters”. You can look at politicians, or almost any individual that can get on the news showing how they were disrespected.

What are you teaching your children, and those in your ministry about respect? When you speak about those in politics, or those with opposing views, do you do so respectfully or do you use nicknames, and say things showing an obvious disrespect for them? What about other sports teams? What about your church leadership and others in ministry?

Look at the handshake before the Maryland – Penn State game recently. That’s right, Maryland opted not to shake the hand of their opponent, showing obvious disrespect. Is this what you want to teach and demonstrate to your children?


 Our children will learn respect by how we show respect.

What are you showing/teaching them?

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