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Saying Thank You

As the Awana year ends, you may be thinking of how to thank your leaders, or maybe thanking your commander. The best way… a handwritten note sharing specifically what you are thankful for about them.

As a commander, and pastor, I appreciate getting hand drawn and hand written notes from children, families and parents. I received one recently from an Awana T&T club. I got it along with two others as part of a large group time message. On mine was a small note from one clubber that touched me. It was a small.personal, note that let me know that I’ve had an impact on their life.

I’m not a fan of Christmas cards, birthday cards, etc. If you send me a card and only sign your name to it, you can almost guarantee that it will be in the recycle bin. But if you’ve taken the time to write a small note, it means so much more and will be “filed” to be looked at again on days when I’m discouraged.

Don’t over think how to show appreciation, just send them a note. Yes, it will take more than a few minutes, but it will show you care and will have a great impact on your leaders.



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