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Seeing is believing…

It is often difficult to get people to try certain things because of preconceived notions, “fear” of the unknown, a reluctance to change and a myriad of other reasons.

Today, I simply need to share a little of what happened in an Awana club where I assist.

One of the T&T clubbers brought a friend and said, “she’s new”. So I started off joking around around that if she was “new”, then she’d be a baby and she didn’t look like a baby and I kept the atmosphere light, having fun. Through the night it was hard to see if she was enjoying being there, though there were some smiles coming through. Later, during large group time, as they were using their Bibles, I brought out my “smart phone” and opened the Bible on that. They saw, and so I let them use it during large group time. Just trying to connect with them.

At the end of the night I asked the visitor how the night was on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being awesome and the most amazing thing there is (or something like that) and she said, “a 9, no wait, an 8, no, it was 8.34”. All in all a good night and I think she’ll be back.

Then when I got home and logged into FaceBook, I saw the following status about the night (modified some removing children’s names, etc, but content is unchanged):


Ok I’m a believer. For YEARS [our children’s ministry director] has been impressing on us how great the Awana program is…so our [child] gave it a chance and ABSOLUTELY loves every aspect of it. From the singing, to the games, to memorization and the awards. Tonight she got her vest and first patch (which mommy will have to sew on). As I sit in my office and listen to how excited the kids are to learn – it touches my heart. This is my public confession that [our children’s ministry director] was right 😀



Much to my surprise our [son] loves it too! And that is coming from a kid who hates to memorize. He was thrilled to get the patch tonight too! …



I went to Awana when I was little….I still remember the songs we used to sing! Great program for kids!



I know!!!! I feel the same way!!!! You have to personally witness it to understand….truly blessed I get to help once a month!!!!!


Seeing is believing. I can say that I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of this club.

What are people saying about your Awana club?



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  1. Commander Bill, Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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