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At the close of the day at Awana, Matt Guevara shared some stories from his life.  share_your_storyAll throughout the two days we spent at Awana, we heard the stories of Awana. How they are reaching children across the globe. It is important to share what we see God doing in our lives, and in our ministry. So often we tell the children, and adults, that God cares about them. If God cares, then we should see that evidence in our individual lives, right? If we have no stories to share, does that imply that He is not active in our lives, or ministries?

The one thing to keep in mind is that we should never become the center of the story because that takes away from the message. Think about it, do we magnify the straw for giving us the drink we need? No, we are thankful for the drink, the straw is just a means to deliver it. It is not needed, but a conduit to provide the refreshment. Like us, we share Jesus with others. We are the conduit He chooses to use, though He does need us. We should not magnify ourselves, rather God who others need to receive.

Stories are important to share to tell others about Jesus. Paul wrote:

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

(Romans 10:14)

How will they hear without hearing the story of how God has worked in their lives?

God has used Awana in amazing ways, but all too often they are not shared. I want to encourage you to take a few moments and comment below, sharing how God has worked through the Awana ministry in your life, the life of your church, etc. Remember, Awana is not the story, it is the straw, a conduit to reach children to come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus.

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  1. Awana seems to be one of the best-kept secrets in Christendom. I’d seen the logo, but I knew nothing of this wonderful ministry to children until someone brought it to the church I was attending at the time. People ask me all the time, what’s Awana? We should change this!

    I was simply amazed by the quality and effectiveness of the program. It was my service in Sparks club that pushed me to grow spiritually. Rubbing elbows with other folks in Awana challenged me to strive for what I saw in their lives – a stronger, deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Awana equipped me (and bolstered my confidence) to begin homeschooling my two youngest children. When they started Commander College, I remember being so excited. I wanted to go! But, I never dreamed I would. This past year, the Lord called me to become a Commander & I was able to fulfill that dream of CC101. I even got to meet Larry Fowler in person 🙂

    I am excited about the work of the Lord in our club, and I am so thankful to Him that He invited me to join this work. The recent Blogger Conference has me thinking we will see a lot of great things coming from Awana.

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