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The Silence is Deafening….


let_children_come_smOver the next few weeks or so, as Awana prepares to launch their re-positioning, their re-branding, their new “first impression”, you will hear stories about how God is using Awana to touch lives internationally. It may lead one to believe that the focus of Awana is shifting from the domestic clubs to reaching children overseas. While there will be an emphasis to reach children around the world, the club is still a viable part of Awana.

One reason why you may hear more stories of how God is moving internationally is because people in the U.S. either are reluctant to share what God is doing, they don’t see God doing anything, or they don’t know how to share what God is doing.

With my weekly newsletter this past week, I sought stories of how God was touching lives through Awana. After hundreds of people had opened the e-mail, not one person shared how God was at work touching lives in their Awana ministry. That is so sad! God is not moving in clubs in North America! In fact one person didn’t share a story about God working in their club, but suggested a book to read.

After posting my despair on my Facebook page, I was encouraged as I began to receive some stories of what God has been up to in Awana in the United States. Here are some of those stories…..

Our club reached over 350 regular clubbers and visitors – all hearing the gospel! Many parents have said how thankful they are for Awana at our church. We have over 20 Puggles, and they love coming to church! Which is great as we desire kids to want to be in church. Awards night I heard a little one who was sad that he was not going “up stairs” to club!

I have had leaders say that they were blessed to hear little ones reciting God’s word. We listened to over 8,850 sections this year. Four T&T earned the Timothy award. We had 25 first time leaders this year! Our youth are excited about serving in Puggles, Cubbies, and Sparks!

Nancy S.

Then there was this story, the reason Awana began, to give children a chance to hear the Gospel…

I work with T & T at our church. One of our clubbers invited his friend and his friend accepted Christ!

Karen N

Reaching out to where many fear to tread. It can be difficult, but very rewarding as you see God touching lives….

We are working with children from the housing project next to our church. We had a challenging but exciting year. God is moving in the hearts of many of our clubbers.

Robin D

Awana has been shared from generation to generation. Adults who grew in Awana now living the principles found in Deuteronomy chapter 6, teaching the things of God to their children…

… as a young child, AWANA was my first real exposure to the hard, meaty truth of the gospel. I only grew from there! ( I was in a very watered down church prior to that. It didn’t teach much) so, now at 30 years old, I am a hardcore Christian and my husband (also in AWANA as a kid) and I are teaching our boys and raising them with the Gospel as well! And we are awana leaders in our church.

Heather A

God is still at work and touching the lives of many through the Awana ministry, not only internationally, but in the U.S. as well. But I still can’t help but wonder…. why the reluctance to share what God is doing in your Awana ministry?

So how about it, please comment below and share what God is doing in your ministry….


Updated: May 27, 2014 — 7:42 pm

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