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Using Social Media to Promote Awana

Do you have trouble getting information to parents? Are the papers you hand out left laying on the floor? Does it seem like the church doesn’t know what is happening in Awana? Here’s an idea to help you communicate to parents and the church…

I recently started doing something that has increased awareness of what is happening in children’s ministry in our church and helped communicate to parents. Awhile ago, I set-up a blog for our children’s ministry but I did not post regularly and very few stopped by to read it. Recently, I made a commitment to update it at least twice a week, once leading up to the weekend to prepare for the Sunday activities (we have no midweek activities, Awana is Sunday night) and one after the activities to recap what we did and give the parents something to carry the lesson into the home during the week.

The next step is a key component. After the post is made, I place a link to the post on the church’s FaceBook page which then is shown on all of the page of all of the  “friends” of our church’s page and it draws attention to everyone that there is a new post and what is happening in Awana and the children’s ministry. Personally, if possible, I would recommend NOT having a FaceBook page just for your Awana club. If you have it integrated with your church page, it shows unity and keeps Awana (and children’s ministries) in front of the church. Your own FaceBook page keeps Awana “hidden” from the rest of the church and only those interested will see what is happening.

Using a blog is fairly simple, I use WordPress. Then see if you can have admin rights to the church’s FaceBook page (if they have one) so you can post the link to the blog when you have updated it. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask me how I do it.

What are other ways you communicate with parents and keep Awana “in front” of the church?

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